Personal details collected via this website are only used by this website for the purpose for which you provided them. This means that this website fulfils its obligations arising from privacy legislation.

How does this website handle your personal details?

This website carefully handles your personal details. Where your personal details are processed, it is stated exactly which details are used for which purposes.

What do we use your personal details for?

This website only uses your personal details for the purpose for which you provided them. If you have provided your name and address to sign in for a project, for example, these details will not be used to contact you for any non-related subjects, unless stipulated otherwise. It also means that this website does not use your personal details for other purposes, such as sending you press releases.

Why are these personal details requested?

We use your personal details with your permission, otherwise we will not be able to reach the goal.

In what way are your personal details processed?

We use your personal details to achieve the goal with as little details as possible.

What are personal details?

Personal details are information that can be traced back to a particular individual. Examples of personal details are names or home addresses, but also email addresses.

How long do we keep your personal details?

Personal details are not stored for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the details were collected. For all processing of personal details, only those details that you yourself have actively left behind are used.

Use personal details for tracing

However, details can be used for detection, if offenses are committed via the site or punishable statements are made.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) helps to protect the privacy of citizens. The GDPR applies, among other things, to data processed through this website.