Voluntary return

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You can decide to return to your country of origin on various moments in time.

Perhaps you no longer want to wait and already wish to return sooner, of your asylum application has been denied and you must leave the Netherlands.

Return as an option

Voluntary return means that you yourself decide to return. You can have your travel costs reimbursed, and in some cases you may also make use of financial support in your return. You travel together with regular passengers, during a regular flight. The Dutch authorities do not inform your country (of origin) about your return.


Returning to your country of origin is an enormous decision, involving a lot of uncertainty in some cases. This website aims to inform you as well as possible about voluntary return. Read for example the stories of people who went before you. Is anything still unclear? Please then check the frequently asked questions.


If you wish to return, you can contact the staff members of DT&V, IOM, COA or the Dutch Council for Refugees at your reception centre about this. Are you not staying in a reception centre, please then feel free to send an email to info@dtv.minvenj.nl or fill out this form.