I wish to leave the Netherlands

You have decided to leave the Netherlands and return to your country of origin, but you don't know how to go about returning. The Dutch government can help you to arrange your repatriation / return from the Netherlands.

You are free to choose whether you want to use this assistance or not. If you do, a Supervisor Departure from the Dutch Repatriation and Departure Service will help to arrange your repatriation / return.

Arrange your departure

If you wish to leave the Netherlands with assistance from the government, please fill in this form. A Supervisor Departure from the Repatriation and Departe Service will help to arrange your departure. The Supervisor will ask you why you want to leave voluntarily, and will discuss the options for your departure (from the Netherlands), such as plane tickets and travel documents.

Please note that repatriation / return means that you must withdraw your asylum application.

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