Armin is proud of the logo that he designed

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Armin is proud of the logo that he designed

Armin had always been greatly interested in computers. As part of his preparation to return to Armenia, Solid Road had organised a training course in graphic design for him.

Armin had always been very handy with computers, only he spoke little English or Dutch. Despite the language barrier (the training course was in Dutch), Armin fully understood the graphic programme. He quickly learned the different techniques and was able to work in a very precise manner. For his final project, Armin worked on an actual assignment: designing a logo and corporate identity for a Dutch home and building services company. The logo was such a success that it is now displayed on the van of the company. Armin is very proud of this.

When he went back to Armenia he took all the graphic products that he had designed with him as a portfolio. This way he could show what he is capable of. He has since found work in Armenia.

Source: Solid Road

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