Hiwa is determined to make the most of it

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Hiwa is determined to make the most of it

I had to try to get asylum in the Netherlands. Others had done this and with success. It hit me hard when my application was rejected. It made me very anxious. I knew I had to return, but was very hesitant given the situation in Iraq.

As my most important family members live in the Netherlands, it would be difficult to start over in Iraq. My wife and I had discussed it for months on end, yet eventually we accepted the fact that I had to go back.

A friend of mine told us about the possibility to get return assistance. This helped us a lot in making the decision. Once I was on the plane, I was determined to make the most of it. My wife and child eventually followed me back to Iraq a couple of months later. It was too difficult living apart from each other.

I had neither savings nor assets to invest. I therefore went to look for a job. I currently work in Duhok at my uncle's real estate agency. For the first period, my salary will be paid from the reintegration budget that I received in the Netherlands. I am learning how to run the office and attract customers. I am learning a lot and I hope to start my own business in the future.

Source: IOM

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