Mary opens a bakery in Yogyakarta

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Mary opens a bakery in Yogyakarta

Some time ago, WereldWijd received a phone call from Jos Jacobs from the Rijnmond Police. He was concerned about the fate of Mary, an Indonesian woman who had been lured to the Netherlands under false pretences. She was promised the earth, but all too soon found out that she had ended up in a cesspool.

Exploitation and borderline slavery were her destiny in the Netherlands. Mary was freed from her tormentors during a raid after an anonymous tip. Mary did not speak a word of Dutch and her passport had been taken away from her. Jos Jacobs, of Indonesian origin and therefore speaking Mary's language, decided to help her getting her life back together again. He got a tip from the Ministry of Justice to get into contact with a foundation far away in Zuid-Limburg. He soon made an appointment, took the day off and together with Mary went to Eckelrade.

Mary wanted to go home to Yogyakarta as soon as possible, to be with her family again. The family, too, had fallen for the pretty stories that the human traffickers had told them and had even made a major financial contribution to enable Mary to travel to Europe to seize 'this opportunity'. Mary was embarrassed having to go back empty handed and penniless. While talking with her and Jos Jacobs, the idea of starting her own little bakery soon arose. As WereldWijd already has much experience is sending materials all over the world, this did not seem a problem to them. Mary, at first, did not believe that any of this could be possible. Though she smiled the entire time, her facial expression said it all. Who could blame her?

DT&V (Repatriation and Departure Service) agreed for WereldWijd to support Mary in the return project for asylum seekers WereldTools. After all, Mary had never applied for asylum in the Netherlands. Via the Indonesian embassy, Jos Jacobs arranged for Mary to get a new passport and she flew back home. I doubt whether she really believed a box full of bakery items would be sent after her. Given that she had been promised so many things when she came to the Netherlands. But then she did not know WereldWijd! The strength of WereldWijd lies, among other things, in the fact that we do not build castles in the sky and we do not make promises that we cannot keep. Together with Jos Jacobs, WereldWijd went to look for quality baking equipment.

Meanwhile, we contacted the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Indonesia. A little later transport was ready; not one but indeed two WereldTools boxes containing a dough mixer, an oven and a bread slicer; everything well within the budget that we have available for each participant. In addition, the boxes were filled with all sorts of second-hand bakery materials that had been donated. IOM, meanwhile, was prepared to help getting the boxes through customs in Jakarta and had even arranged transportation to Yogyakarta, about 400 kilometres further down. The transport of the boxes to Jakarta, the customs clearance and the transport to Yogyakarta all went smoothly. Not soon after, Jos Jacobs informed WereldWijd that Mary was busy setting up her bakery and that she was very happy with the help she had received from WereldWijd.

Source: Foundation WereldWijd

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