Petrus invested in a herd of sheep

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Petrus invested in a herd of sheep

My wife, our two children and I had travelled to the Netherlands with a Schengen visa. We each had to pay a couple of hundred euros for this. For us, this was quite a lot of money. However, already after one year we decided to go back to Armenia again.

We were lucky that we received help to start again. Initially, we intended to buy cows, but after some research and advice we finally decided upon sheep. You can keep sheep better on the mountainous terrain where we live.

We invested the entire reintegration budget in a herd of sheep. I entered into a partnership with another sheep farmer, with whom I share the meadow, animal feed and the shepherd. This saves the costs. It is currently lambing time for the herd. Each ewe has one to three lambs, which we sell in the surrounding villages.

Keeping animals is not easy. Lately, we suffer from a growing pack of wolves for example. Sometimes we are in luck and make a little extra money with a wolf that we have shot. The municipality gives a reward for this. Next year I intend to sell the lambs on the Iranian market. There is a lot of demand for sheep there, however you need to know an intermediary. I have not yet found one.

We will see how things go.

Source: IOM

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