Sam would rather work with his hands

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Sam would rather work with his hands

Foundation WereldWijd works in close cooperation with IOM. They frequently refer people to us. If there is still time to follow an education at Foundation WereldWijd before returning home, people can then go to Eckelrade (Limburg). This also applied to Sam, who is from Ethiopia.

Sam is an accountant. When he goes back to his country, he no longer wants to be an accountant, but would rather work with his hands and no longer work for a boss.

Prior to our conversation, he had already widely consulted with IOM. IOM gives us an update and we make an appointment. Sam takes the train to Maastricht and we pick him up at station. We start with an extensive intake and explain to him what we can do: we send materials and tools to his country and before he leaves he can follow an education. Foundation WereldWijd then guided Sam in the return process. He took lessons in woodwork, welding and metalwork. Sam spoke with an entrepreneurship coach and technical volunteers about his plans.

In order to obtain the necessary travel documents issued by the embassy in Brussels and the clearance procedures in the country of origin consultations were being held with IOM staff members. At first, Sam was very insecure about his future, but as his preparatory programme at WereldWijd progressed, his confidence grew and he more and more believed that he would be able to start his own home and building services company. At the end, he received a certificate for his commitment during the training course. Watching from the sidelines, we could follow and support him for several months in what was a difficult return process for him.

What eventually mattered to Sam, was that he makes his own choice and takes control.

In the end, it worked: Sam has returned and we have sent him a box containing a generator, welding equipment, drills, work clothing and a sowing machine for his mother. The box arrived without any problems. Sam sent us the following message:

"Greetings!!!!! I want inform to you i received the box. Thank you a lot for your dedication and kindness. I proud and appreciate by Addis Ababa I.O.M staff. I reached my place yesterday and tomorrow is Ethiopian new year. God bless you and your family. Greetings Sam".

Source: Foundation WereldWijd

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