Terence rediscovered his passion for poultry

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Terence rediscovered his passion for poultry

Terence had been a chicken farmer in Uganda. As part of his preparation to return home, Solid Road found a two-month internship placement for him at a poultry farming business in the Netherlands, with no less then 6,000 free-range biological chicken.

Terence had enjoyed this internship immensely. He rediscovered his passion for poultry. When he had completed his internship placement, he said: “You planted a seed in me and I will take it to Uganda'.

When Terence went back, the partner organisation of Solid Road in Uganda had provided Terence with great support in the reintegration. Together with the partner organisation, Terence bought all the materials needed for a chicken farm in his old place of residence. Within a month, Terence had built his own large chicken barn. Terence is doing well. He bought chicks together with the partner organisation. When these start laying eggs, he can sell these eggs again. This will give him sufficient income to provide for himself.

Together with Solid Road, Terence had spent part of his reintegration budget in the Netherlands to buy a solar-powered generator, an agricultural machine and tools. Solid Road ensured that the goods were transported by plane to Uganda.

Source: Solid Road

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