Return, how does it work?

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You can decide to return on various moments in time. During or after your asylum application for example. From the moment that your asylum application has been denied, you are responsible for your own return. The Dutch government can provide assistance with this.

If you want to return voluntarily, you can often make use of various types of assistance, not only in the Netherlands but also in your own country of origin. You could follow an education or take a training course in woodwork for example via a return project in order to be better prepared for your future.

The return home

In most cases, you travel by plane to your country of destination. You travel together with regular passengers, during a regular flight. You can arrange or pay for this journey yourself, but also DT&V and IOM can assist you in organising this. For example, in obtaining information or advice about the return, a replacement travel document and guidance at Schiphol.

In some cases, you can also make use of financial support, on top of your travel costs. This, among other things, depends on your country of origin. If you want to know more about this scheme, please contact the Repatriation and Departure Service via or via this form.

My country

It is not always easy to return to your country. Your country has changed and you have changed. Still, a return could also be a fresh start for you. Together with its partners, the Dutch government can support you in building your future. For example, by helping you learn certain skills, or by providing means for you to start your own business.